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Doggy-Do-Right For The Skilled

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Course Requirements:

Must know Basic commands

  • Up to date on shots that include:

    • Rabies

    • DHPP

In our next Level of training we add distance, distractions, and duration to your commands. You should not have to be right next to your dog in order for them to listen and take directions properly. You are never going to be exposed to zero distractions so we want to implement as many real life distractions as possible in a comfortable, positive, and professional environment. Every dog that comes to the Do-Right program gets a personalized training plan customized just for their needs.  Some of the Skilled commands they will learn are:

  • Sit at a Distance

  • Automatic Sit

  • Down at a Distance

  • Stay for 2 Minutes

  • Down-Stay

  • Stand-Stay

  • Moving Focus

  • Heel

To ensure that you are comfortable with the commands and that your dog is successful at home as well as in public areas a 6 week group class is included in the price of the Do-Right Program.  We will address and give the tools to properly handle any concerns that you may have.

Doggy-Do-Right for the Skilled is a 7 day minimum course that trains in seasonal time slots. Dogs learn best and retain the most information when it is done in short learning bursts, that’s what makes our program so successful.

The Summer Time Slots that are available are


For 7 days (min) you will drop your dog off at Miss Blu’s Dog House at your selected time slot. 

Please call (520) 678-7235 for more details and information.


7 Day Program:  $800.00

10 Day program: $1150.00

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