Our Mission

At Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch, we strive for excellence with our training, in home and in group class. Our training program is catered to the needs of your pets; that is why we like to keep our class sizes small. It allows us to address our guests’ personal pet struggles.

Every dog learns differently and deserves a customized training plan that works not only for the dog, but for the human too.

It is important for everyone to be comfortable, enjoy what they are doing, and to be proud of their accomplishments. Keeping our class sizes small, allows us to tailor our clients training plan to fit what works best for them; not what may work for them because it’s worked for most people in the past.
There is no “one-way fits all” method in dog training. We understand that and we work with you and your pet to reach the desired outcome in a relaxing and stress-free environment.

There are many different training methods that are used today but at Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch, we choose positive reinforcement. We see the impact of how quickly dogs learn with it, how much fun dogs and owners have, and the strong relationship it builds between them. Positive reinforcement methods are not just making your dog sit for food. For some it may be a treat, a toy, or affection. We find what motivates them and we build on that.

Humans don’t speak dog and dogs don’t speak human; but using positive reinforcement training we have learned how to teach humans how to properly interact in the dog world and how to teach dogs how to properly interact in the human world.
Interacting and training your dog positively builds a bond so strong that there’s not a “100% guarantee” that can cover that.

    ~Speak Positive~~Speak Dog~