Distance and Duration

All group class is taught at Miss Blu’s Dog House

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Distance & Duration Training

What you learn in this course is the second step in our training. We add distance, distractions, and duration to your commands. You should not have to be right next to your dog in order for them to listen and take directions properly. Let’s face it, you are never going to be exposed to zero distractions so we want to implement as many real life distractions as possible. What you take home from the course will help you when you are out and about with your pooch, they will be comfortable and confident around all types of sounds and visual stimulus. You will also learn how to confidently and properly handle your dog and the commands to get them to positively succeed in the human world.

 Every course will always come with a lifetime commitment of counseling. If you ever have questions or need a refresh I am always available to help you ensure that your perfect pooch stays perfect.

Course Requirements:

Up to date on shots that include:

  • Rabies

  • DHPP

Must have completed a basic course first and have a 20 ft. minimum long line.


  •  Sit at a Distance

  • Automatic Sit

  • Down at a Distance

  • Stay for 2 Minutes

  • Down-Stay

  • Stand-Stay

  • Moving Focus

  • Heel



$185 for 6 weeks once a week for an hour.