About Us

Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch is a local business in southern Arizona owned by Jacqueline Lippincott.

I started attending the Animal Behavior College in 2009 where I became a certified dog trainer. My passion lies with animals and I am determined to keep dogs from ending up in shelters. I have been professionally training dogs since 2011; specializing in aggression and fearful dogs but also offering a wide range of training tools from group class, Boot Camps, and in home training. In 2018 I joined The Pet Professional Guild where I pledged Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch to being Fear and Force Free. Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch has also pledged to the “Shock Free Coalition”.

I use Positive Reinforcement and reward based training to do everything from rehabilitate dogs who are aggressive towards people or other animals, to teach dogs basic house manners, and to train the human on how to properly handle dog behavior. I teach dogs how to properly interact in the human world and teach humans how to properly interact in the dog world.

    ~Speak Positive~~Speak Dog~