Welcome to Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch!

Here you will find everything you need to start your training journey to having a perfect pooch! All of the training done here is positive, it is very important for everyone to be comfortable, have fun and to be proud of themselves. During your work you will learn how to properly interact in the dog world and you will gain the tools to teach your dog how to properly interact in the human world! Learning these tools will ensure that you will always have a perfect pooch.


When you start training with Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch you and your dog become a team. Sometimes it will not be easy and you may get frustrated, but always remember that you are not alone in your travels of training!
Always believe in yourself, the strength of your team, and always trust your partner.
By being patient and consistent, you both can achieve your goals! Teaching your pooch basic obedience manners is just the foundation for your relationship, there are many more training paths to follow. We offer advanced courses, CGC and Therapy Preparation courses. Miss Blu’s Perfect Pooch has partnered with Tail Topia to be able to offer the CGC test all under one roof!
             *~Be patient, Be consistent, and Don’t give up!~*